Sail away with us

Our destinations are all located in Greece, our second great love and passion. Some of us have grown up in Greece, others have just grown up to love it! Greece is a beautiful country to visit both around its continental shores and of course its 6000 islands, one so different than the other…

We want you to get the full Greek experience sailing, yes, and then all those bits and pieces that are usually missed out only by sailing. We want you to feel like a modern Zorbas, meet and talk to the locals, learn how to communicate with them, cook, eat and drink the Greek way, visit the landscapes and also discover the most important attractions, according to the chosen route.

So yes, we are moved by a great passion to travel powered by the winds while every wave moves your body in all directions as it rocks the sea surface. And we want you to experience it in full as we do! And 100% Greek!

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