The itineraries

Each trip may be reviewed and modified. We want to offer you a tailor-made experience, according to your needs and make you share it with people that have the same desires and interests.
Each tour may consist in more than one sailing boat.

Here below we present two possible itineraries, excellent for a unique and complete sailing experience:

The Ionian Heptanese

As the name Heptanese reveals (epta in Greek means seven and neso, island), it includes the seven biggest islands situated off the west coast of Greece, stretching towards the Peloponese. The archipelgo is actually made of numerous other smaller islands, but the name Heptanese derives from its major ones: Corfù, Paxos, Lefkada, Itaka, Cefalonia, Zante and Kythera. The itinerary could include all of them but given the limited time, the distance between the islands and the weather conditions, we have decided to show you the “heart” of them:
Lefkada – Meganisi – Kalamos – Kastos – Ithaka – Cefalonia – Lefkada.

Lefkada: with surprisingly tropical scenery, the “white island”
is well-known for its impressive coastline with the white sand beaches and the turquoise waters. The island is connected to the mainland by a drawbridge. It is the only island that can be approached without boarding on a boat and therefore ideal starting spot for our discovery.
Meganisi: the “major island” will astonish you for the rich vegetation and the numerous sea-caves that can only be reached by boat. It is an unspoilt spot, great for relaxing and discovering the Greek way of living.
Kalamos: a virgin beauty, characterized by vast patches of eucalyptus and pine trees, some of which only grow on this island releasing a unique perfume and an atmosphere that will make you travel back in time!
Kastos: is the smallest of the islands we will be visiting but it is one-of-a-kind for its authenticity, magical atmosphere and for the nature that inhabits it.
Ithaka: you cannot but feel the presence of Odysseus. His homeland will awaken mythical emotions both for its cultural and historical importance but also for its crystal clear waters surrounded by olive-trees and cypresses.
Cephalonia or Kefalonia is a picturesque, charming island, appreciated for its sparkling azure waters, its dazzling beaches, the towering limestone cliffs and deep emerald green mountains. You’ve probably seen these beaches before on posters, postcards and films as the combination of the blue water lapping against pure white sand or smooth round pebbles make them look like huge swimming pools. Its sandy beaches are also chosen by the Loggerhead turtles CarettaCaretta for their reproduction.

The Saronic islands

If on the other hand you want to be a bit alternative, the islands of the Saronic gulf are the most suitable option. We have enjoyed this specific itinerary for so long that we thought it was fair to dedicate it a special tour among the ones we propose. The Saronic gulf is populated by a lot of small islands, some of which are made of sand resembling the Maldives. The main islands are Salamina, Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses, and they may all be visited in one tour. In this case we have thought of the following:
Piraeus – Epidaurus – Hydra – Poros – Aegina – Piraeus

Piraeus: is the biggest commercial harbor in Greece, the perfect start to discover the islands of the gulf, leaving behind the town of Athens, the view of which will accompany us till we reach Epidaurus.
Epidaurus: is known for its ancient theatre, which represents the finest and best-preserved example of classical Greek theatre with the best acoustics. The ancient site can also easily be visited, while the seaside village is a charming fishing place that will take you back in time to a simpler life: the fishermen collecting their nets, the children playing and running in the streets…
Hydra is truly unique. Motorized vehicles (including bikes, or mopeds) are prohibited and transportation is exclusively performed by donkeys. The island seems and actually is untouched by the modern world. You will have the chance to walk around the island on well-equipped paths that run along the entire island, surrounded by green-blue waters.
Poros is an elegant, romantic island, characterized by neoclassic buildings and ancient pine-tree forests. 
Aegina is different from the rest of the islands. It is known worldwide for the excellent pistachio it produces. Pistachio trees grow on the entire island, adding their purple nuances and creating a charming atmosphere to this island that stands away from massive 

This last proposal can also be modified by the following itinerary, if required by the group or in case of unfavourable weather conditions:
Cape Sounio – Hydra – Ermione – Poros – Methana – Aegina – Piraeus/Cape Sounio

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