Why choosing a sailing experience

We have been doing this for years now and we have gathered all those reasons that have made us love and keep wanting to experience sailing.
Sailing gives you:

A sense of freedom:

… free to decide when to wake up or go to bed, where to head and how much to stay there, when to eat, when to drink, where to have a swim. Of course everything needs a sort of planning but the sense of freedom that you get by the sea you will not find it anywhere else.

New perspectives:

We are used to seeing places and visiting areas from the road. Can you imagine how the perspective changes when you see a little town or a beach while you are slowly approaching from the sea? And the sensations you get… away from mass tourism!

A full immersion into nature:

Either when anchored or while moving you will only hear the sounds of nature: the sea, the wind, the crickets singing!


Both while maneuvering or just by sitting on the deck, sailing is a fantastic way of improving one’s communication skills. In terms of maneuvering it is important that any command is passed down from mouth to mouth. Plus, you will be surprised on how many stories you will have to share with your companions and how many new things you will learn from them. A sailing boat is a small community that will help you grow personally!

A simple life:

If you need to switch off all the technology that surrounds you on a daily basis, the sailing experience will certainly give you a break. Life on board is the very essence of living the simple life. You will happily do with less of everything from food to clothing, not only because of the lack of space but mostly because you will not need more. Supplies in general are limited and you will have fun in strategically planning the resources (such as water and power) till the next stop.

“The less you have, the more you can do.  Does that make sense? On board it does!

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